About us

About us

Ferrari Club Finland's mission is to

  • join together ferraristis
  • cherish Finnish Ferrari history
  • organize activities for the members of Ferrari Club Finland
  • preserve and increase the Finnish Ferrari car fleet
  • maintain actively relations with Ferrari spa and with the Finnish importer of Ferrari
  • popularize driving ethics and driving culture
  • promote motor sports
  • propagate safety of traffic

There are 170 (1/2019) members in Ferrari Club Finland. Ferrari Club Finland is intended for Ferrari owners.


2017 Ferrari Club Finland 30 years.

2012 Ferrari Club Finland 25 years.
2011 New website
2007 Ferrari Club Finland 20 years.
2004 Ferrari Club Finland became member in the official Ferrari Owners' Clubs network.
2002 Ferrari Club Finland celebrated 15 years anniversary in 2002.
1987 Ferrari Club Finland was founded on 24th of March 1987.